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Benchmarking your price and volume to the market
As an ag retailer you have always known your year-to-date sales and how well that compares to sales last year or your sales budget – BUT – what if you were feeling good that your sales were up 3% and then learned that the rest of the market was up 5%? What if you didn’t have to wait until the end of the season to see this trend developing and you still had time to do something about it?

As an ag retailer you have always known your price but you really haven’t known if you were high, low or about right except for a few anecdotal stories you picked up in the field.

Participating EZTrak® retailers have access to market information like they have never had before. They have their sales volume and prices compared side by side with the market sales volume and prices.
Data Security and Anonymity
A key element contributing to the success of EZTrak® is the back end technology that assures complete anonymity for you and your growers. The point-of-sale data collection process aggregates then standardizes multiple retailers’ end user transactional data which allows us to completely protect the anonymity of participating retailers and their customers. The sophisticated EZTrak® reporting models make it impossible for any competitive retailer or manufacturer to identify sales with any particular retailer. No grower identifying data of any kind is captured or displayed by EZTrak®.


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