The Next Generation of Market Intelligence for Agriculture

EZTrak® - The first crop protection market price and volume research application using retailer-to-grower point-of-sale transaction data.
Kynetec and TKXS have collaborated to develop EZTrak®, the new generation of market research for manufacturers and retailers serving production agriculture. EZTrak® blends together Kynetec’s 50 plus years of marketing research expertise with TKXS’ proven point-of-sale data collection and processing technology allowing us to bring to the ag industry what has been available to manufacturers and retailers in consumer and pharmaceutical markets for many years.
EZTrak® is meeting the needs of retailers and manufacturers who want accurate and timely grower level transaction-based market data.
EZTrak reports are based on real Point-Of-Sale data on Ag Herbicides, Growth Regulators, Fungicides, Insecticides, and Nematicides.
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